Technical Thoughts

What are the advantages of continuous mixing?

Continuous mixing can eliminate batch to batch variations and environmental concerns. It can also allow you to reduce your cycle times! A Readco processor is a versatile and flexible machine, which makes it a natural for pilot labs and today’s evolving manufacturing marketplace. Considering going from batch to continuous? Below is a batch versus continuous comparison check sheet. Would there be advantages for your process to go continuous?

Consistency of Product Quality Batch to Batch Variations Consistent Controls By Feeders & Pumps
Floor Space Usually Large Area Small Footprint
Total Mixing Time Very Long 10 Minutes to Several Hours Very Short Less than 1 Minute
Clean Up Labor Intensive & Cumbersome Very Quick, Clean In Place
Work In Process Required On Demand Production
Multi Stage Processes Usually Single Step Can Accommodate Many Processes
Utility Costs Dependent on Motor Size & Mixing Time Smaller Motor, Shorter Mixing Time
Environmental Issues Usually Not Contained Enclosed, Contained, & Controlled. No Cleanup Issues
Scrap Potential Sizable Amount of Scrap Small Amount of Scrap at Startup & Shut Down

Fume Collection Solutions for Hexavalent Chromium Exposure

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Point Source Fume / Mist / Dust Control

PFP has design numerous central dust control systems and would like to introduce you to the concept of point source collection. The following represent many of the advantages of this concept.

• No ducting required for most applications
• Collected material is returned to product stream
• Building ventilation air remains balanced
• Low collector inlet velocities
• In event of fire or explosion, no link to other processes
• Expansion is just added with new process, not tied to existing systems
• Collection system is only on when process is in operation
• Lower fan horsepower