Tecweigh’s family of weight processors utilizes state-of-the-art digital technology offering many time and labor saving features
The Tecweigh WP20 Totaling Weight Processor with an abrasion, chemical and humidity resistant faceplate and user friendly controls includes features such as full-time diagnostic, adjustable dampening and automatic calibration. Long time Tecweigh customers can easily update existing scales and weigh belt feeders with a simple to install processor upgrade kit. Contact a Customer Service Representative for more information.

All Tecweigh processors can be located up to 4000 feet away from your Tecweigh conveyor belt scale or weigh belt feeder.


The multi-scale weight processor MS20 calculates rate and total for up to four (4) scales or weigh belt feeders. Utilizing an available remote display (MSD) gives you access to all four scales rates and totals at a glance.


The FC20 processor offers the same standard features as our WP20 with the addition of maintaining the flow rate of material. One FC20, or WP20, can be set up to communicate with many assistant FC20s for blending operations.


The WPLD processor automatically controls load out or batch sizes.