New Media Mist Collector: SmogHog Media Mist Collector

The self-contained, SHM SmogHog Media collector effectively removes mist and smoke from the air using our mist collection technologies that have been cleaning the air for 50 years. This series of collectors includes a three stage filtration process that results in a 99% reduction of mist concentration. The unit can be mounted directly on a machining center or mounted remotely connecting a single or multiple machines using ducting. The series was designed to deliver performance, easy maintenance with flexible configurations to meet your requirements.

Ceiling / Wall Mount Media Bag Dust Collectors

The UAS DA, DB and DBM dust and mist collector removes smoke, dust, oil mist and other pollutants from many industrial processes. Available in three configurations UAS DA, DB and DBM, these media dust and mist collectors capture wet and dry particles.

Portable Bag / Media Dust Collectors

The UAS PCT portable dust and mist collectors capture smoke, fumes and dust at the source. Equipped with flexible swing arm and unique parabolic hood, the UAS PCT provides optimum movement from one application to another.