NFPA 652, Chapter 7 (Dust Hazards Analysis)

7.1.1 Responsibility – The owner of a facility where combustible dust is present shall be responsible to ensure a DHA is completed. – For existing processes the owner shall schedule and complete the DHA of existing processes within a 3 year period of the effective date (9/7/2015) of this standard.

From the start PFP, can assist you with determining your material product Kst and Pred values. These values can be obtained by direct product testing or using our existing data base for similar or typical products.

The PFP team can provide an onsite audit to look at your existing process and any future processes that may need to meet NFPA compliance requirements. These are very beneficial to apply the best available technology.

Following the audit, PFP can recommend the best and most practical solution for compliance. It is not uncommon for customer to prepare a plan for implementation based on most critical area due to the overall cost for these requirements.

PFP is uniquely qualified to offer the best equipment solution whether it is a passive or aggressive equipment solution. Each solution has it pluses and minuses. We will work with you through this decision process.

After the equipment solution is determined PFP has established a network of installers who can provide the installation of the compliance equipment.  Existing dust collectors will generally need explosion vents, isolation valves, suppression equipment or some combination added to the housing and ducting.

In the event you should have a preferred contractor, we can provide the equipment drawings and mating flanges required to make the installation simple and easy for the installation contractor.

Our deliverables will assist you with having all the information to make that good business decision.

Please contact Ryan or Jim to discuss your next step into bringing your facility into DHA compliance.

In addition, PFP can provide Central Vacuum Systems to help with the sanitary and safety compliance issues regarding general housekeeping.