Evaporation and Drying

The SC Processor is designed to continuously process a wide range of materials by significantly reducing the moisture content of the material and transforming it into a dry powder or high viscosity slurry. The SC Processor accomplishes this with twin hollow screw shafts which counter-rotate while circulating heating or cooling medium. Additionally, the barrel jacket temperature can be controlled separately. The combination results in a continuous, stable and efficient heat transfer source.

An added design feature of the SC Processor is its ability to operate under a vacuum. The reduction of internal pressure through this vacuum optimizes its degassing performance. Other notable features of the SC Processor are a long retention time and a self-cleaning design.

The SC Processor is used for:

  • solvent removal
  • crystallization
  • chemical reactions
  • polymerization
  • degassing
  • cooling
  • evaporation
    • increasing viscosity of slurries
    • transforming slurries to powders