Looking for answers to your tough bulk solids material handling, dust/fume control, and packaging challenges? At Products for Progress (PFP) we are proud to be your technical consultant to help with your process handling need. With more than 50 years of combined design and application experience in a broad range of industries, PFP is uniquely qualified to help you with your next material handling project. Based on product material testing we have learned that the material itself determines the process equipment feature configuration. The equipment application success is directly related to the correct equipment features being selected for the type of material in the process.  It is with this equipment/material expert application knowledge we have been able to provide customers with practical economic solutions to improve their operational processes.

In meeting the new OSHA, NFPA, EPA, and other regulations with better safety and improved efficiency PFP can assist you with providing reasonable and responsible solutions.

We would welcome the opportunity to join your team on the next bulk solid material handling project.


Dust Collector Maintenance

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep life of dust collector and keep your dust collector working at maximum efficiency…

Blower Rebuild Services

Includes full tear down of blower inspection, clean repair, test and paint, with a full one year warranty…

Filter Compliance Service

On site compliance survey on dust/pneumatic filters to provide an assessment on what it will take to get these filters into compliance for the new OSHA and NFPA standards…

Inventory Management

On site inventory briefing on what items you use the most relating to tubing and components…

As a family owned business, Jim and Ryan Welker have been providing conceptual cost saving improvments for over 35 years. We will work with you to find answers to your tough material handling, packaging, or dust control challenges, and tailor a solution that precisely fits your needs.


We have also learned that not all manufacturers are easy to work with regardless of how good their equipment may be. PFP has been very selective in the manufacturers we have chosen to represent and distribute based on their performance, quality, application experience, and a service orientated staff. Our company has grown based on the concept that Service Is Our Business.

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